How to place an order on Site


1. When you first come to the site from a sponsoring site, you will likely have affiliate_id=xxxxxx in the query string, and this will set the Affiiliate ID. If not, or if you would like to change it, there is a link to do so both at the top right hand of the header, and also in the footer. Click on one of those links and you will be presented with an input box to insert and submit an Affiliate ID.

Note that if you do not have an affiliate ID set, you will be prompted to add one at submit on checkout, and then it will be assigned to your session and you will be able to checkout normally.

2. Buying QyckDeal Packages. It does not matter how you add them to your cart. There are several ways to do so. Note that you will be prevented from mixing in your shopping cart both qyckdeal packages and regular merchandise products.

3. You can log in to your account or create an account at any time in this process. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in or create an account before you can get to checkout.

4. Upon logging in, if you already had content in your shopping cart since the last time you logged out, that shopping cart and your current shopping cart will be combined. If this results in having mixed content, upon going to your shopping cart, you will see an error message telling you to remove either the qyckdeal packages or the regular products from your cart. And you will not be able to get to checkout until you have done so and your cart either has only qyckdeal packages or regular products in it.

5. To create an account, all you need is your name, email, and a password. Your affiliate ID is not assigned to your account, though it is stored in the database for each order. Since it is possible to use someone else’s affiliate ID to make a purchase, your order history may show different affiliate IDs in them.

6. Once you have the qyckdeal packages you wish to buy, you can proceed to checkout. To get to check out, you click the shopping cart icon to the upper right of the screen. This pops up the mini cart. Then you click View and Edit cart. If your cart fulfills the requirements, you will see the button Go to Checkout, which you may now click. If your cart does not fulfill the requirements you will see a message telling you what you need to do. Note that the only error message for buying qyckdeal products would be if you had mixed content in your shopping cart (see item 4 above.)

7. At checkout, Choose or enter your shipping and billing addresses, or click the checkbox that says they are the same. Click next to get enter credit card info. You will now see the Affiliate ID field, which is read only. If it is empty, upon clicking submit, you will be prompted for your Affiliate ID, and then you will be redirected back to the beginning of Checkout, which means you will need to reenter your credit card. So, if the Affiliate ID field is blank, you may enter dummy credit card number 4111111111111111 and dummy date and security code at this point to avoid having to enter your credit card info twice.

8. Assuming your Affiliate ID is showing and you have your payment info all filled in, click Submit, and your purchase will be processed. Note, Do not use Store credit to buy qyckdeal packages, as that will cancel out your credit. If you did this by accident, it can be corrected by the administrator of the site, who can add or deduct any amount of store credit to your account. Upon successful purchase, you can click Your name at the top right-hand side to see the drop down showing your new Store Credit balance. Clicking the My Account in that Drop Down will bring you to a list of all your recent orders and purchases. And clicking the Store Credit in that Drop Down will bring you to a list of all your Transaction History using Store Credit, both the purchases of qyckdeals products adding Store Credit to your account, and the purchases of regular merchandise deducting store credit from your account.

9. Now that you have store credit in your account, and your purchase is completed, your shopping cart will be empty, and you can now start buying merchandise using your credit. Just go throughout the site and add whatever products you wish to purchase to your cart.

10. When you are ready to buy, click the Shopping Cart icon at the top right of the screen, similar to how you bought the qyckdeal packages earlier. You will see the mini cart. If you have $50 or more in your cart, you will see a message at the top of the mini cart saying, “View and Edit Cart to Checkout”. When you click on View and Edit Cart button you will be in the shopping cart. There you can change the quantities of products or remove them from your shopping cart. To change a quantity, you can edit the box and then press ENTER on your keyboard to update the cart. If you wish to update multiple product quantities at the same time, enter the desired quantity, either directly in the box or by using the up or down arrows, and then scroll to the bottom of your cart and push the “Update Cart” button at the bottom of your cart. Wait a few seconds for the cart to submit and reload.

11. If you see the button, “Proceed to Checkout”, you may proceed to Checkout. The reasons why you might not see it will be displayed as messages where that button would normally appear to the lower right. Here is what you should see: Your current Store Credit balance and Store Credit after Purchase. This Store Credit after purchase shows your balance subtracted by your subtotal, regardless of whether you have already selected to use Store Credit for your purchase. To get to Check out, you will need this field to be either zero or 50 or greater than 50. And you will also need your subtotal to be at least $50 to get to checkout. Satisfy those requirements and you will see the Proceed to Checkout button, which you can now click to make a purchase.

12. When making a purchase of regular merchandise, it is necessary to click the button to Use Store Credit, either in the Shopping Cart, or at Checkout at the point where you enter your credit card info. That button will be below the credit card info area at that point. Why do need to enter credit card info when using Store Credit? It is because Taxes and Shipping and Handling are not covered by Store Credit, and need to be covered by an actual credit card. Make sure that you see the Store Credit deduct from the total amount to be charged to your credit card before you submit payment.

13. Submit payment, just like you did with qyckdeals products. Once submitted, wait a few seconds for the process to complete. You will see the order number, just as it is with qyckdeals, and if you click your name in the top right, the drop down will show your new balance.

14. Now you can click on My Account or Store Credit to review your orders. You may also reorder, which will repopulate your shopping cart with what you had bought at that order. Then you can proceed to checkout at before, or modify your cart as you like.