Voting Results

  1. Our first every corporate governance voting event has finished and it was extremely successful!

We voted on 3 issues:

  1. The threshold for voting
  2. The amount of bitqyM to be minted
  3. The setting up of committees/advisory groups


1390872 shares have voted to lower the threshold to 100,000 bitqy
7146511 shares have voted to keep the threshold the same as it is at 250,000 bitqy
15630196 shares have voted to raise the threshold to 500,000 bitqy


6336119 shares have voted to authorize 500 million bitqyM
1076402 shares have voted to authorize 750 million bitqyM
16755058 shares have voted to authorize 1 billion bitqyM


23516162 shares have voted to set up Committees/Advisory Groups
651417 shares have voted to not set up Committees/Advisory Groups


  1. You have elected to increase the threshold for qualifying for bitqy holder rights (like voting) and benefits from 250,000 bitqy to 500,000 bitqy. [We may elect to have this issue on a future ballot as the company grows].
  2. You have voted that the number of bitqyM tokens that will be minted is 1 billion.
  3. Overwhelmingly you have selected to set up committees/advisory groups. In upcoming corporate governance voting events we will create YES/No options for specific groups – many of which will come in as suggestions from bitqy holders. Our goal is to roll out our first advisory group(s) in Q1 2018.