travelqy FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked travelqy questions. We will continue to add to this list.

  • I haven’t received the welcome email / I haven’t received my login

This is most likely due to our system of account updates. It typically takes 1-2 business days to receive login credentials. If you have not received your credentials within 2 business days after receipt of your membership application and fee, please email

  •   I’m trying to book a hotel but the system will not let me choose my room type.

This is most likely a user error (although some hotels do not show their room types). Please call the travel concierge desk at 833-bitqy12 for help with the room type.

  •   The login doesn’t work or I’m getting an “invalid login credentials” error message

Occasionally this will happen during a system update. Your account might be locked for other reasons (billing, too many login attempts with wrong info, etc.). If you’ve received this error, please email

  •  How can I edit my travelqy account info?

If you wish to edit your account info, you will have to email

  • I cannot add myself as a primary traveler to the reservation / I can’t add a traveler name to the reservation

This was a known issue when the platform launched. To our knowledge it has been fixed and there are no current instances of this problem. If you experience this issue, please call the travel concierge at 833-bitqy12.

  •  What is the difference between my travelqy login and my Boomerang login?

Travelqy is a paid membership, where the Member receives 100% of the savings; whereas Boomerang is a marketing teaser used by travelqy paid Members, where a contact is invited as a FREE guest. The contact will receive 50% of the savings with the ability to get the additional 50% if they upgrade their account to paid member status.

  •  When I send a Boomerang email to a friend and they login, they cannot change the password.

Your friend can use the username and password you sent them and modify their password once they log in. If they are having a problem modifying the password, please email

  • How can I edit my Boomerang account info? I need to [How can I] modify my Boomerang profile?

As a Member, your name is already set in the system. You cannot change this in Boomerang. You will be able to modify your contact information. If you do not have a secondary user (typically a spouse) set up in the boomerang system, you will also be able to enter that in the space provided under your profile.

  •  My Boomerang account login doesn’t work.  My Boomerang password doesn’t work.

If the login or password does not work for your contact, please resend a new invitation.

  • Are we going to be able to send Boomerang invites to a group of people instead of just one at a time? Can we send a Boomerang invite to an entire list/social media account?

No, these are individual invitations not to be abused by spam. We take this matter very seriously. If you do not know the person or they have not requested a trial, DO NOT send spam.  We reserve the right to suspend a Member’s account for abuse.

  •  Why are the flights not discounted more?

Flights are not discounted because they are regulated across all travel platforms. Flights have been added to travelqy as a convenience to our Members.

  •  I want to select my seat on the flight I just booked.

This cannot be done through travelqy. Please call our travel concierge department for assistance at 833-bitqy12.

  •  I called the airline and they said my ticket wasn’t booked yet?

Please call our travel concierge department for assistance at 833-bitqy12.

  • Once we have booked and verified our reservation and received a confirmation how soon will the hotel or property be notified of our upcoming arrival?

Immediately. The system will add your reservation to the property’s reservation system so the room can be taken out of inventory.

  • Will corporate travel agents be able to use travelqy, automate their system with ours? How will bookings work?

They can if they are booking travel for themselves. Keep in mind the 2 people per membership limit.

  • I think there is an error in the description of the travelqy pack we can purchase from the back office. In the description is says that this pack comes with $220 bitqy, but it also says BV 250. That is a bit confusing.

Its 250 BV – 220 goes to the travelqy Member and 30 goes to the affiliate who sponsors the Member.

  • Will travelqy be bringing in a full package deal which includes flights, accommodations, full or half board, etc?

We only added flights as a convenience to our Members. The pricing of flights is regulated by the airlines. We do have some special package deals on the site now but they will never include the flight.

  • How many people per booking? Like a tour group of 10?  Say I want to book a boy’s golf trip to Spain? Will that be allowed on my membership?

If a Member wants to book in a group, they can book up to 4 rooms per account. If they want additional they will need another membership.  The Member’s name must be on the room.

  • When do reward credits show up in my account?

Reward credits are added around the 10th of the month after travel is completed

  • Is the $369 an annual fee or is it a one time fee and then it’s $10 a month for as long as you want to continue your membership?

It’s a one time membership fee.

  • I don’t travel but I want to sell the package and get my $30 worth of bitqy every time. Is there a way I can do that or do I still have to buy the $369 package?

You do not need to be a travelqy customer to sell travelqy but you will need to be a registered Affiliate.

  • I had a friend book a hotel on our site but I don’t see it anywhere on my member site or bitqy back office? Where would I see that someone booked something on my travelqy?

You would not see that because your travelqy account is not a travel agency, it’s for members only. When someone books a trip through a Boomerang invite, that is still their personal trip information.

  • I want to book a trip for a family member?

The Member needs to be on the reservation. If the family member is not on your Member account as the primary or secondary traveler, they will need their own membership.

  • I found a package cheaper on a different site can I get the 110% difference refunded.

You will need to document the booking at that price and send it in to support.

  • I found a flight at a much cheaper price. How do I get the 110% difference refunded.

Flights are NOT included in the 110% guarantee. As stated previously, flights are on travelqy as a convenience. The pricing of flights is regulated by the airlines and therefore we do not have the ability to offer any discounted rates for our Members.